What is Configuration?

Configuration is a tool to help company administrator set company wide policies. It has following features:

Automated Review: Enabling this option will automatically create next review in draft mode based on employees' "Review Period" and "Frequency".

Default Review Period: This option will set the default starting period of review for the employees.

Default Review Frequency: This option will set the default frequency for all the employees.

360 Degree Evaluation: Enabling this feature will allow the option to have 360 degree reviews.

Deadline Period: This option will set the deadline of default number of days for all automatic and custom reviews.

Manager Access: Theese two options allow managers to see detailed reviews by their direct or indirect subordinates.

System Emails: The option can disable all email notifications for all company employees.

Answering every review question is compulsory: By enabling this option, NA (not applicable) option will no longer be available for each review question thus ensuring all questions are answered.

Goals Management Module can be disabled.

Pros,Cons and General Comments... By disabling this system will no longer show Pros,Cons and Comments section by-default within each review. You can always add these as part of your review templates.

Manager approval is required... By enabling this feature, managers can now approve or disapprove all reviews of their direct reports.

Employee can only see manager reviews By enabling this employees will not be able to see any score details or reviews text of their peers, only their managers.

Set nomination limit for peers This value is set to remind employees if they are overbooking a peer for "peer reviews". Employees will be informed during nomination process and HR will be able to see all overbooked employees while creating a review.

Modules: Following modules can be enabled/disabled from the Personal Panel of the application as per requirement:

  1. Goals Management
  2. Feedback
  3. Survey
  4. Company Newsfeed

Customize Ratings: Rating scale can be changed according to company preferences by providing required Scales and Labels. View type can be chosen as well.