Understand Goals Management

'My Goals' page is divided in to 3 sections as Pending Goals, Achieved Goals and Not Achieved Goals.


  1. You can assign self goals from this button
  2. This bar is the Goal Meter. It shows the progress of your goals that how many goals are achieved, pending and not achieved
  3. These are the requests from managers to give feedback on your peer’s goal
  4. This is the assigned goal to you
  5. This icon shows the number of comments on this goal
  6. This is the priority of the goal
  7. This is the deadline of the goal
  8. This is the person who assigned you this goal
  9. You can edit your ‘self goals’ only from this icon
  10. You can delete your ‘self goals’ only form this icon

When you click on any of your goal, this page (below) will appear;


  1. Form these buttons you can send the goal to Achieved and Not Achieved sections. But you can only see these buttons in your ‘Self Assigned’ goals. In goals assigned to you by your manager, these buttons will be visible in manager’s profile.
  2. This button will be visible only in Manager’s and Executive’s profile and by clicking on request feedback; managers can ask peers to give feedback on an employee’s goal performance.
  3. This is the peer feedback
  4. Here you can comment on this goal to ask your manager about the details and confusions you have regarding the goal.