How to create a "Review"?

Following are the steps to create review:

• Select review type (either Period or custom).

• Select the sub type of the review type (like its period).

• Pick a Review Template. You can cherry pick a template for this review; although if you select "Designation-based templates", review template will automatically be picked based on employees' job titles.

• Set the review deadline date so that all the reviewers are notified appropriately if they are close to deadline and have yet to finish their review.

• Select if you want 360-Degree review or now. If "Yes" is selected then everyone who is selected as Manager or Peer will also be reviewed by the employee.

• From the Employee Selection section first select the department to show its members. Then you can select the employee and then pick its managers and peers. Based on an organization chart, managers and peers are shown by default but you can also add more. If a manager or peer has already reviewed the employee for the same review period then the name will be shown as crossed out.

• Click "Preview" to see the final list. You can make minor adjustments in preview.

• Finally, click "Create" to start the review and send out notification to all. You can also save it in draft mode to start it later.

We highly recommend you to watch the Review Creation Tutorial Video"