Understand Analytics


You can see the reports by selecting the time period from the top, each year is divided in to 4 quarters. You have two options to view the personal and peers/department’s reports:

1. Bar Graph

In this format, reports can be viewed in the form of bars with ratings. Sequence of the bars can be changed in alphabetical order as well as in ratings order. You can click on each employee’s bar to see the ratings of different question categories.

2. Line Chart

Line chart further offers you two kinds of views to make it easier for you to analyze your organizational performance more effectively:

A. Time-based Graph
In time based view, ratings can be seen according to time line. When a review is completed, it appears in this option according to its time.

B. Review-based Graph
In review-based graph, ratings can be seen according to reviews. When a review is completed at any time, it appears on this view.