What is My Dashboard?


When you login to your WorkforceGrowth account you can see the following categories in your dashboard:

1. Updates

This section has all the updates related to you. For example if a review is assigned to you or any of your review or goals gets a comment, or if your profile or role is changed, you get a notification about it in this section.

2. Reviews

This section shows the reviews which are created for you or in which you are involved and gives you information about other employees or managers concerned in that review. You can see your pending reviews from here.

3. Goals

This section has two categories:
Feedback Request – It shows if you are asked to give a feedback to your peer on his/her goal performance.
My Goals – It shows the assigned goals that are designated to you and their relevant information (priority, due date and conversations).

4. My Personal Column

This column shows all the information relevant to you including your score, Review Summary (pending & completed reviews) and My Goals Summary (competed & pending goals)

5. My Team/My Company

Managers can supervise their teams in a better way through my Team. They can see the overall performance of their department(s) and all the employees who are directly reporting to them. Executives can also see the overall company performance.
Note: Employees will not be able to see this button in their Personal Dashboards.